Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 6

Today after taking it easy with my knees I decided to change riding style and just hammer it. Bored of taking it easy and thinking it can't get any harder we set off on good speed. We managed to get to Kendall within 2 or so hours and then on to Penrith and finally arriving in Carlisle in under 6 hours. Top speed today clocked at 38mph.

Now it wasn't all plain sailing after Kendall we had some really hard climbs. Shap Fell was a killer and i was glad to see Pete at the top to replenish our stocks and laugh at the state of me. Dave was flying today and must have been pleased that for the first time in a few days we could race up some hills. It's been a good day and yet again Pete has been a legend.

Tomorrow is mentally a good day as we hit Scotland and for me today has been a big lift. Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement they really do help.

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