Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Now a few weeks on from finishing i can reflect better on the experience we had during the trip. After quite a few days of disappointment at having to finish early i look back and appreciate what we actually achieved. Dave and I had very little road biking experience before starting this, we planned the route ourselves, we organised the hotels, and we looked for various forms of sponsorship along with Cham Willey (Dave's Mum). A lot of people complete this in a large group as part of an organised trip (i can't say i blame them) but for 2 amateurs to plan this all and then bike it took some doing.

A year ago if someone had said i would cycle 800 miles in just over 9 days i would have called them mad. However, i did find on the ride that once you get going it's surprising how much your body gets used to pedaling for a long period of time and its proved to me how much more we can all achieve if we put our minds to it. We also experienced extremes of the British weather, from glorious sunshine and a heat wave in England to torrential rain and high winds in Scotland. I will honestly never forget us cycling in the pouring rain and winds approaching Fort William whilst being passed by lorries and other traffic, its an experience in itself!! Also when i was down and out on the way to Kilmarnock somehow finding the energy to hammer it to Irvine in the pouring rain (Pete yelling "go on you crazy b******* out of the car window), drenched and half naked arriving at the reception of the Premier Inn we were staying at.

I'd personally like to thank Dave for approaching me with the idea and for putting up with some of my moaning. Also a big thanks to Cham Willey for all the effort put in collecting money at Northamptonshire Cricket Club and to Barry Goudriaan (physio at NCC) for kindly looking at my knee issues after the trip.

Pete Willey, what can i say, such a big thanks for all your support during the trip. For always making us laugh at night with Pete's advice and funny one liners, for sorting the food, drinks, washing, without your help we would have really struggled. My favourite and most memorable quote was when Dave and I had finished our climb up Shap Fell in the Lake District and Pete announced we should both "be awarded the Victoria Cross for getting up there". Brilliant!!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us during this time it really is appreciated.

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