Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 10 - The End

We started Day 10 in high hopes that the weather would hold out after experiencing heavy rain and strong side winds the previous day. We managed to cycle 11 or so miles during which time I had been side swiped twice on my bike from cross winds. We gathered our thoughts and tried to continue but the cross winds were just too strong for us to continue in a safe manner. After some thought we sat a bit of the day out and the winds only got worse. We made the decision for our safety to stop the cycle ride. This was so disappointing as we had cycled 800 miles to this point (shortest distance to John O'Groats is 870 miles). 

We decided to get in the car with Pete and travel to John O'Groats for some pictures. The wind on route was 30 odd mph. Today the winds were predicted up to 45mph so we decided to be safe and drive back today.

I'll update further tomorrow my thoughts on the ride, it was an amazing experience in short.

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